Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Help Please From The Goddess's

Ok trusty readers, and by that I mean Ms Calamity Anne, Miss Kanani, Miss Lisa and who ever else replies here.

Aunty P needs some help here wimmins.

Remember the great debacle about the Le Cruset Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven....?

The one Dillards had on sale ?

The one I debated over ?

The one that sold out while I dithered ?

That one ?

Well....let it not be said that when I set my mind to something..by Gawd...!

Macy's had Martha Stewart's gear on sale recently.

Do Not Start on me..some of you know my views on MS.


They had the 7 qt on sale for $79.00 for the round and $89.00 for the oval.

I had a $50.00 gifty card .

SU said the oval one would be better for us.

So that's the one we got.

Drive out with tax ( 8.25% )...34.00.



You know there always is one...

They only had the display in the color I wanted..I know ..how lame is that ?


I know they don't need to be seasoned ( Doh ! ) and with all things enameled that you have to be somewhat careful not to chip the enamel cause that will fubar it and make it look funkified.

One site says that " Easy Off" can be used to clean off the baked off crap..but personally..bleech.

Other sites say simple non abrasive soap...others still say " Soft Scrub".

Thoughts ?

My advice..don't buy anything without the thrice damn'd box or destruction's.

Thanks in advance for the sage wisdom.


Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Sadly, I know nothing, first hand, about caring for enameled cookware.

I did find these on line (and I had heard the denture tablet & baking soda tricks before!). I might use oven cleaner on the outside of the pan but, agreed, yuck... not on the inside!




I'm sure there's more info floating around out there! (And congrats on the score!!!)

Aunty Pol said...

LMAO ROTF...I use denture tablets on both the choppers...I am the white 'st Mom's Mably you will ever know....LMAO...and

That shit works freakiin great on non poreous jewelry...I clean my wedding set and gold rings in it...who knew >?

HubbleSpacePaws said...

ROFL!! Actually, I did! My mom had false teeth and she used it on a lot of stuff!