Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Look What A Pork Chop Started ~ !

The above photo was taken from Ree Drummond's Pioneer Woman Blog...with gratitude on my part.
I need it to illustrate a point that just has me shaking my head and I apologize in advance right here and now if the language goes way the hell south.
I have been an avid fan of Miss Ree's blog since I discovered it.
Her photography is amazing.
Her writing is both amusing and heart felt.
She is kind and generous in ways that most people would shy away from.
Her food link , Tasty Kitchen is one that I both use and contribute to .
All that being said, my jaw is still on the floor.
I've seen this kind of shit on other blogs , but I never , ever in a million bazillion years expected to see it on PW.
I was looking at the comments because I had put one in about how my mother used to make them...with a gravy...sort of smothered chops for the non-southerners.
I saw comments that made no sense.
They had nothing to do with the recipe.
I had to trace it back to where it started..I believe comment # 202 is among the worst .
What a bitch !
Hey Lady...See You Next Tuesday !!!!!!!!!!
Totally flammed Miss Ree for being a non-feminist on her own blog for Pete's sake.
On her own blog for fucks sake.
Where are the rules that define exactly what constitutes a feminist ?
Who wrote them ?
Who Enforces them ?
What are the punishments for violating these guidelines ?
Pure venom.
And Miss Ree let the comments stand.
Her blog, her rules.
I suspect she wanted to see where the conversation would go and was a bit curious over it all.
She and MM probably had a good laugh.
When I was able to close my mouth, I did too.
Who cares if you changed out of the ruffle blouse for a rare date night with your hubby !
The irony..I suspect that commenter # 202 will still buy the cookbook.
Aunty Pol

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