Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Huzzah !!!

Youngest brother has a jobbie.

I guess I should stop referring to him as " youngest " brother since he just turned 49...old habits and so on .


My brother has been in telemarketing for 10 years or more and is actually quite good at it.

Bullshit artiste's usually are.

With the changing laws and then the economy , he was laid off.

He's been looking and is smart enough to work out a deal with his apt. managers so that in exchange for him doing maintenance work around the complex, he gets a real reduction in his rent.

Way to go Charlie.

SU said that he called just as he was pulling up to my office after work yesterday.

Huh ?

Whut he want ?

" Um.. "

Uh Oh says the voices in my head.

" Um..well honey...He got a job but needs to borrow some money for gas. I checked my acct and I don't have it. I told him we'd discuss it and get back with him by the way . Do you have it ?"


Contrary to popular belief, my brother has finally grown up a bit and I know that he knows better than to try to run a scam on us because he knows for a fact that I would hunt his sorry ass down if I thought he was trying to bullshit us.

He knows this would happen just as surely as I know the sun will rise.

I didn't think twice..I just atm'd the money and we told him to meet us at the house.

As he came in , ironically the "Great Pumpkin" was on and Schroeder was playing " Tipperary".

Family thing...

I told Charlie that I wasn't our mother or lectures and that he could pay me back when he was on his feet.

It's called being a grownup and showing respect to others.

All in all, nice to be able to help out ...even if they are family.

Have a great day.


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Best of luck to Charlie! And yeah, it's nice being able to be there for family. :-)