Monday, October 12, 2009

Sgt. Andy Panda Pants Reporting In...

Sgt. Andy Panda Pants Report Summary 12 Oct 2009.
Checked in with HQ after an extended under paws ops in Lower Pupistan.
Detailed the complete success in the infiltration of the local population after a long period of observation and limited interaction . Established credentials and identity as visiting cousin from Little Kitnippia currently on a foreign student exchange program.
Mission complete success with the sole exception of failed assassination attempt by rogue operative K-9 from parts unknown.
It should be noted that aid and comfort was provided by Internal Security Deputy Szush.
Commendations should be noted and awarded if appropriate under current treaty terms.
It seems my son had a bit of trauma yesterday.
Overall it was a quiet weekend. SU was at a golf tourney and as usual I was preparing dinner for the four of us.
Nothing fancy, Roast Beast , potatoes and gravy .
Chocolate bundt cake.
I had been peeling the spuds ( ya gotta peel russets ya know ) when Cindy popped in the back door to tell me to come get my cat.
Not Andy.
My cat.
Uh Oh.
This alone says something is very wrong.
It seems a dog slipped his leash during a walk past our houses and chased the boy into the NG's yard, through wrought iron fence.
Thankfully , no one was hurt.
Aunty Jeri Lee was able to pick up Andy and carry him to our patio as I was coming out.
Bless his heart, he is so used to the gals that he didn't do more than an initial flinch , did not claw his Aunty and did not really freak out the way I would have expected.
This all happened so fast.
I really didn't hear more than the usual puppy barking while I was peeling the spuds so I had no idea. They had not hit that level that goes from annoyed to " Oh shit " at Mach 5 speed...and I still feel like a bad mommy.
We thought he might have been nipped , so I brought him in and put him on the floor with out fussing over him.
He groomed and was able to walk blood trail so other than freaked , he is okay.
I am grateful that he knows to go to the girls yard , through the wrought iron fence and that their 4 puppies won't go after him...they just play together.
NG and I went out to the patio to grab a smoke and he came with which made everyone happy.
He will not use the boxes and so being the outdoor boy we wanted to reassure him without forcing it...because we all know you can't force a cat to do anything..
He stayed pretty close to me all night and sat in my lap for quite a bit.
He's indoors today...the weather is pretty crappy so this is not unusual.
We'll have some extra Mommy and Me time tonight when we watch " Heroes".
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

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The Meezers said...

Wow Andy, sounds like quite the advenchur!