Friday, February 11, 2011

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

I never thought I'd find a 70's Geek picture of our hero ...but I did.
Yes, posting has been rather light this week , because while we are not as bad as folks up in Oklahoma ( Hi Miss Ree) with their 2...count 'em.....2 record snow falls, it's been colder than a witches tit in a brass bra...and I for one am tired of feeling like a Popsicle .
Basta !
As soon as we get home it's the same old routine now with sweats and 2 children ( you know who you are Miss Gracie Marie and Andy) who are constantly at the back patio door whining and crying and yodeling and hollering to be let out...only to be let back in 3 seconds children are idiots with control issues it seems.
And then there is the location of gainful employment..sigh.
Yes, it has been a very hard week since they laid off 2 co-workers and yes...there is the rumor that there will be at least 2 or 3 more..but it is just that ...a rumor...until it is executed. Much in the same way that a threat is no longer a threat once executed...rumors have no power once they become actions..
And let me say again...if and when they do decide in fact to reduce the work force in hopes to balance the numbers more evenly for the business model ( like THAT ever helps)...once it gets to the actual doing of it's a done has been decided....there is no room for negotiation, pleading and begging and so forth do nothing-- except make a bad situation worse, debasing the victim and giving the messenger a larger sense of self importance and grandeur.
Like they need more.
So lets carry on.
It is truly depressing to work in this sort of atmosphere and while I know it will pass, as it always has. it is a PAIN IN THE ASS SO KNOCK IT OFF ~ QUIT IT !
I have moved the nail appt so SU can go spend the day it conflicted with his father and then head off to a high school reunion this month..." Do I want to go?"
Anyhoo...I'm thinking of doing the slow cooker chicken with honey and the Yukon golds so let you know.
The only other quirky question is :
" How the HELL did AW/PG get over 700 k in Zuma blitz ?
Dayum are good !
Have a great weekend, stay safe and warm.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Dang, woman, you done good with that shot!

Have never seen that worrying about a RIF ever changed a thing. Incessantly talking about it never made anyone feel better. Amen to "it's a done deal." Wrapping yourself in dignity is the only way to go.