Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The above mixed was created by Kitchen Aid for Miss Ree incorporating the cover art from her new book.

See these ?
See the white one ?
That's the one that we have and use ALOT !
Now..which one do you think made me start drooling and foaming at the mouth and muttering..." My Precious...must possess."
You would be correct, you clever things.
Sweet Baby Jesus..Have you EVER seen such a beautiful thing in your life ?
When he reads this, SU will shake his head because it is more than my usual taste..I knows I detest Shabby Chic.."'s shabby...lets leave it at that ." ....Aunt Sandy and " Simply Homemade " .,.sorry CE but she makes me nuts...the whole do the decor to match the napkins to the dishes to the doilies to..ERK...( hush husband I can hear you ) ...but this ...this...
I have to lay my head down now because I can the following conversation at the Casa.
Me: " Oh honey..lookey !"
SU : "" At what ?"
Me ( Screeching) " WTF do you mean , at what ? That !"
SU " ????????
Me : " The Mixer, isn't it the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in your life ?"
SU : "'s a mixer."
Me: " I know ( Eyes glazed , goofy grin...)...Um..honey......
SU : " NO ! We are NOT Re-doing the kitchen to match a f ' ng mixer !'
Me: " But honey....."
Edit : ( Note to self..when did we start channeling I Love Lucy ? )
And dammit..I didn't win...but there are 2 more to be won fairly soon.
Stop it Sistah..I can hear you laughing because you know that the above conversation is EXACTLY the one that would have occurred if I had won..
My Precious !
Aunty Pol

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