Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well That Was Fun ~ NOT !

Youth is truly wasted on the young.

When we are young, ( and I mean over the age of 5 or so) , if we get a bug or two , we run a high fever, get over it and figure out how to milk it for even more tv time.

Teenagers are bullet proof until it is a case of Mono and then they are divided into 2 camps..The girls are all "OMG..Don't tell ANYBODY" , because unless things have REALLY changed since the Jurassic era when I was in school...Mono meant one of three things, none of them good...On a scale of one to ten....(5).you were easy ...7 dated a lot of jocks or ( 10) dated all intramural teams from your district, the bus drivers, the custodial staff if enough Boones Farm was provided and your local Military Induction Officers and or ROTC. Teenage males generally simplified their reaction ...." DUDE !" , because as we all know the male of the species are problem solvers , refusing to waste any useless verbage that will reduce the bragging and telling time devoted to the epic tale of this vision quest for their manhood.

When you are an adult, all bets are off my friends.


No....I didn't have mono.

Yes , I have been a few days not posting which has become both very odd and guilt inducing to me...OCD much..I digress...

I managed to get one of those 48 hour bugs that knocks the crap out of you literally..You know how I have referred to my colon as self cleaning in previous posts...well my dears...It's a full NASCAR circuit in Aunt Pol..or has been for the last 48 hours....all port tubes in useage.

Of course the weather was wonderful and promises to be this week, that false spring that we get before the Rodeo where less astute gardeners will gather at any of dozens of local nursery's and so on to buy , buy , buy , anything and everything that has been brought in or is not totally destroyed , as far as appearances can tell by the recent hard frost.

Not me.

It's a balmy 72 degrees, and I wore a robe over jammies, had the water bed still up a notch and extra blankets on the bed..and still I was cold..finally broke the fever and so onward...

I hate being sick when I am 55+, simply because it kicks my ass soooooo hard.

I was even grateful to a co-worker that I normally detest ( JAR JAR Binks to be precise ) for telling me what day today is.

Jeebus H. shoot me now.

More posts to follow.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

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