Wednesday, February 02, 2011

This Can End Any Moment Now ~ I Won't Mind In The Least !

Yes, that is a photo from last year.

It actually snowed here in H Town and there is a more than 60% chance that we will get snow on Friday and worse may accumulate.

I know what some of you may be thinking ...what's the big deal Aunty Pol ? do know , or have figured out by my many clever hints and clues that I live in Houston, right ?

We are basically a tropical climate.

USDA zone 9.

We don't get snow dagnabbit.

I am freezing my voluptuous ass off here people.

Munchkin decided that snuggling with her Momma wasn't enough so she decides to lie across my throat.

No dear...not having it.

Center Point/Reliant/Who Ever You Get Your Power From is having rolling blackouts so that the power grid does not implode and the outage is only for at the most an hour.


We expect this when we have days with a heat index of 107....why not the reverse ?

It is 10:15 am cst and my favorite part of the day:

Ring Ring : : Good Morning....Insert Firm Name here....

Attorney : Oh Pol...We're open ?

Me: Yes Indeedy.

Attorney: So ...What's the statue quo..with the power outages and so on ?

Me: We have power here at ____, and it seems for most of downtown.

Attorney : Oh.....LONG Pause..okay.

Dear Genius with a pay grade higher than mine..Um...If we don't have power here at the is it that the phones are working ?


I need my sweaty clothes and a kitty or 6 naow.

Stay Safe.


Aunty Popsicle Pol

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purplegirl said...

Oh jeez. At least we're used to it here. :)