Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Monday - Sorta

We are one of the few offices open today and you can tell , the complex gets noticeably quieter on days like this . Traffic was light which was nice since we had some pretty dense fog..lets just say that it was dense enough that the 3 or 4 scheduled cruise lines couldn't leave as promised so there are a lot of very unhappy campers not to mention one bride who is ..upset. Um...people and lovely Bride cannot control the weather so..get a should also be noted that I refrained from calling you a Bridezilla dear bonus points for Moi .
SU is at home because his jobby gave them the day off which is nice . He is home getting estimates for the new central air/heat nightmare that is in fact my life right's nice that he can take off instead of me because frankly..the questions and ins and outs of this sort of thing are way the hell above my pay grade. Then there is also the fact that he can in fact participate in this sort of thing a bit more than he has in the past and I have let my thoughts on this be known to him.
In all fairness and his defense he did plant the 2 roses that I wanted din the ground and the damnest thing..he actually found a purple geranium of all things.
I have witnesses.
It's been a bit warmer and all of the catalogs are in the mail now..damn you Jackson and Perkins amongst others...and I get crazed. SO I planted some more geraniums and some basil, and cleared out some of the pots...oh my aching back already..sigh.
So what did you all do this weekend.?
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

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Quay Po Cooks said...

We walk the street of Chinatown last Sunday. Have a wonderful week.