Friday, February 18, 2011

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

TGIF kids..really...T Friggan GIF .
On the one hand , I feel mo bedder..yippee for me..on the other hand this bug is making it's way through my office and I am sure that this may turn it's way around SU's if it hasn't already.
The mood here at my office is still that of a colicky 2 year old with dirty draws (diapers) for you Yankees.
Enough !
The weather is the usual false spring that makes us all nuts , myself included. It's not rodeo time yet so there is still the promise of either very cold weather or freezing rain or any combo platter of the above. I've seen it for 29 years. Between Mardi Gras and Rodeo which run pretty close to each other , it gets one last run at the nasty ass weather. And of course all of the seed/garden center catalogs and mailers are out....
Don't make me look at the state of the garden just yet...if I have to I will just cry. Some things like the ornamental peppers, plumbago's and biscuits ( hibiscus ) will come back,..the roses are iffy tho. Some of the roses have been performing far below my expectation for a few years so with the two that SU gave me for valentines day...well...there is a lot to be pulled out before Mr. Trejo weeds all the bed...I want the replacement plants in before the mulch for once.
And I need more/new geraniums..and petunias...and stuff....I need to be in the garden....and we have to clean house this weekend because SU is booked up next weekend and I am not doing it alone dammit and dear.....the bathrooms will be cleaned before you go to the Ice House...NOT after as in " I'll get to them when I get back."
You see dearest husband, not that you are taking up League golf it is Sunday afternoons y0u are at the Ice House as it is...well...that is fine as long as I get the help that I need in the yard or the house. The yard is only a biotch for the first few weekends of spring....and YOU WILL CLEAN OUT THE GARAGE AND ATTEND TO THE INSULATION ISSUE IN THE ATTIC.
Forgive me y'all....but if I have this convo with the SU there is a more than even money chance that he will try to wiggle out of it by claiming that we never had the conversation or that I didn't say any of it.....and yet he reads this blog.
There ya go's in writing.
Have a great weekend.
Aunty Pol

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