Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's That Time Again !

The above is of course a Vargas print. I have always admired the blog layout that Calamity Anne has on hers, and recognizing the Vargas...I found one for lil ol me.
You may all sleep safely knowing that I am not , I repeat NOT going to be changing the art or format in mine here in any sort of Vargas inspired mode. I may and often do use the term "voluptuous" in reference to my ass, but believe one else would or should. I am a happily middle aged woman and know better.
Yessiree Bob..It Be Rodeo time here in H Town.
Everyone is all twitterpated that we can wear jeans tomorrow because we are all ready for the " You may wear suitable, professional jeans on Fridays beginning the Friday of Memorial day weekend and ending on the Friday of Labor Day weekend." policy. Personally I think we should get to wear jeans every Friday but as usual I didn't get a vote . People as I have posted here before who never ever wear western attire are going to be doing it tomorrow . And yes there is also the portion of that group who will in fact take it too far , having never met a bedazzler they didn't like or couldn't operate.
Fact: Unless you are a professional entertainer along the lines of Tom Mix, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans or Trigger for that not delude yourself that you actually look attractive in that shiny concoction of all things that can be bought at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. The simple truth is that you are merely entertaining me as I desperately zip over to TLC's website in the vain hope that I can get your shiny self nominated for " What Not To Wear."
While I had to pause in writing this...a co-worker left for the chili cook off...and donchaknow..she was working that bedazzled shit eyes....she evidently is part of one of the competing cook off teams and will be serving..LMAO...okay's been a less that rainbow bright day so I 'll share my thoughts as she was leaving...
Chili served from 6 pm on , flashes imminent.
Yes...I will burn in hell.
Now the funny part this year is that if you don't live here , you may not be aware of the entertainment lineup for 2011. It's the usual mixed bag of genre's that is sure to draw a crowd and after all...all snide remarks aside, the scholarship and teaching opportunities at HLSR ( Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo) are truly amazing and a genuine benefit to kids who need and deserve the help.
Then there is the added bonus that there are some men who just look damn good in wranglers.
And then finally....
Wait for it..
If I didn't dislike (read have an almost pathological fear of ) bet your ass I would have paid money to see the mix of Kiss Army and Red Necks.
Yee F'g Haw !
At least tomorrow is Friday...
Have a good one..or 2 or 3..
Aunty Pol

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