Friday, June 19, 2009

Brownies Anyone ?

Ok..I know it's been a very long week and it's hotter than Satans Underoos , but this made me laugh my ass off all day.
It's been an okay week save for the fact that I suspect something is up with the MIL .She called me at work (!) to check a few things on a recipe that her child and I use A LOT .
Nothing unusual there save for the fact that she is not in the habit of calling my office and I am always on " RED ALERT " when she does.........with good cause I might add .
So we chit chatted and this thatted as best as we could , work permitting and then we get to the bones of it all.
It's been 14 months since her open heart surgery last year and she's lost about 40 to 50 lbs..which she could ill afford. Now granted , when someone does a plate for her at supper , they do the lil old lady version..not a whole lot but a variety of things we know she likes.
She , as is now her habit , will take 3 bites at most and then scoot the food around on her plate .
I'm never quite sure if this is the " Toddler avoidance of Brussels Sprouts" or the Anorexics Adagio.
But ...I have my plots, plans and permutations..oh yes I do .
You see, my local best friend ( I have on each coast and my Nee Nee) Nee Nee's Daddy is the folks preacher.
I work with Nee Nee.
Me: " Nee Nee..I need a favor."
Nee Nee : " Sure honey....whazzup ?"
Me: " I need Big Daddy to do a drive by on Mother "
Nee Nee Picking Up The Phone " Hi Daddy.......yada yada yada"
Nee Nee then shares that Mother had to leave the service this last Sunday because she was in some considerable pain.
That in itself is a long story and the only thing you need to understand is Cancer and a woman who has had all the treatment she can have at this point , plus the heart issues .
Hisself and I know what we are facing and he will be spending Fathers day with the folks.
It is what it is .
Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Hope the weekend was one of connection and love. In my thoughts and prayers. Lisa

Aunty Pol said...


Thank you honey. Hubby spent the day wwith his folks for Father's Day and it was nice. My MIL is still able to do water aerobics and is understanding when I sic the "God Squad " on her..that is what I call Nee Nee's father.

It's hard and the road that we are one is one with out an exit ramp so we do our best to avoid the pot holes on the way though this.

By the the babies pics with the eyes opening...they are beyond cute...

Love to guys..Aggie, Peggy Sue and the bebe's

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Passed on your hugs to the critters. Love and hugs right back at you Aunty! I understand the road. It isn't easy.

My Aunt Margot reached the end of hers last week, after eight years, and four bouts of chasing melanoma that seemed always to be one step ahead of treatment. Your description of the tempting game really resonated - poor Dad tried so hard to find things to keep his big sis eating (they were living in the same retirement community in FL - both widowed).

So send some hugs from a stranger to Nee Nee and the God Squad for being so available to you, the hubby and his folks... I know how much that kind of support means.

Will keep keepin' ya in prayer -L

Aunty Pol said...

Thanks honey. It does help and matter more than you know . In some ways the hardest part to actually grasp is the " It is what it is " bit and learn to deal with the fact that at this point there are no miracle cures, no trips to Lourdes , and that dealing with it day to day is the best that we can do . The last year of my fathers life , my husband tried to gently tell me how my father sounded , weaker, tired and so forth. I refused to hear and so his death was all the much harder for me even at the age of 50 because I didn't allow myself to prepare for the outcome I'd learned to fear.

It's the hardest of all lessons, but one still learned .

Hugs and Headbutts from us and the tribe of 6 katz..and yes ..they are on the blog now too ...LOL


AnnF said...

*hugs* Good thoughts headed your way.