Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I really didn't know what to say here .


Go on the feet.

And that is here they should stay.


Yet once again I was faced with this issue . A client comes in and proceeds to remove her footwear and further put her delicate " hooves " on the glass coffee table in the reception area. The space is configured in such a way that there is no way that I can verify this with any subtlety. I'd had a number of " WTF " e mails ...yeah...I know, not my JOB per say.

And yet...

I e mailed the staff of the attorney appropriate and after trading a few e mails , they said something to the client.

After I had made it clear that this was not my JOB, and it was theirs to handle it.

Nope...not going to let them hide or pass the buck here.

I hate passive aggressive bullshit .

And it's only Tuesday.


Aunty Pol

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