Thursday, June 11, 2009

OMG..I want this now !

I need to make this asap..sigh.

Watermelon & Chili Salad

Serves 6 as a side

1/2 medium watermelon (6-7 cups) *

2 serrano chili peppers **

1.5 tsp lime zest

juice of 1.5 limes

2 tbsp rice vinegar

2 green onions

handful mint (1/3 cup chopped)

small handful cilantro (1/4 cup chopped)

salt and pepper to taste

*Keep the watermelon chilled until you’re ready to cut it up.

**If you don’t have serrano chili peppers then jalapenos would be a fine substitute. The heat in a chili pepper varies according to plant, and if you have very spicy jalapenos or serrano chilis then you may want to use slightly less.
I would think SU could eat this..he's doing okay with the cantaloupe.
Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

OMG is right! I've boosted the recipie! Thanks! Even here on the mid-right coast it's gettin' warm...