Friday, June 12, 2009

I like Mine With Lettuce and Tomatoes, Heinz 57 And French Fried Potatoes

A Blondie reference to Jimmy Buffet's " Cheeseburger In Paradise."
My friends, the world doesn't get any weirder than that .
It been one of those weeks, again..yeah I know , I should expect it at this point.
I don 't know if SU is going to have to work tomorrow, no mention of it has been made and I sincerely hope not at Miss Gracie Marie has an appt at the Spa ( vet) for her annual and some new jewelry. I hope that her daddy can find another bell for her collar. It was certainly most appreciated by the Bluejay's , Cardinals and all the other fevvered brethren.
And it's gonna be hotter than Satan's Underoos.
Have a great weekend
Aunty Pol

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