Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Gracie Marie Was A Bad Girl

Dear Daughter,

Your Daddy and I are rather miffed at you dear. Where exactly did you lose your jewelry ?????
Your Daddy had that charm made just for you , all pretty and pink , as was your necklace ( collar to the non parental kitteh types ) and now it's gone. Your Unca and Mommy spent the better part of the afternoon on the quest and searched all over the yard, aka Hells half Acre to no avail. Note to self : ...Water More .

Anyhoo...then Mommy looked all over the house and nada.

Now , I understand that it was a tear a way and that if you needed to that you could escape the clutches of a goggie...not that you would ever be in much danger of that , I mean really ...the puppy's next door think of you as a kitty puppy as it is and Ms Maddie would make you nuts with the barking ( yes dear, she has that effect on us all at times.)....so......

Oh well...your Daddy is paranoid to let you out right now even though I have told him that you are not inclined to gambol off the patio in this heat. He is going to make you a new necklace, and while it may not be as pretty as the pink one you LOST , it will serve.

TRY not to lose it.

You Miss Thang will be going to the Spa ( Vet) earlier than you'd like .



Have a great week .


Aunty Pol

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