Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yes, It Can Get Better

Well, after yesterdays rant , which yes did in fact make me feel a whole lot better, life got a bit better .....of course this required leaving the office....LMAO.
Mid week we have certain things that need to be done...maytaging the scrubs for hubs comes to mind. Thankfully he is now on board with that schedule and can handle that bit.
While he did that, I worked out in the yard for a bit, filling the bird feeders...Yes Mr. Cardinal I did see you . In the peaceable kingdom, we do try , he and I to keep the fevver folk fed . I have to be honest tho...he does it more often than I .
I know, I know , bad Mommy.
I managed to get half of the yard and flower beds hit with Miracle Grow and will hit the other half tonight, it's just tooo damn'd hot right now to really push it. Tonight I will hit the front and the other half of the yard and then figure out the regular schedule for this. It most likely will have to be early on the weekends as it gets hotter than Satan's Underoo's down here and I don't need the sunburn or damage to my
It's June in Texas so it's going to hit 100 degrees this weekend and no ..that is not the feels like temp..sigh .
In other happy happy joy joy news, it appears that we are finally getting a farmers market in out lil neck of the woods...HUZZAH !!!!!
SU did feel the need to point out that it is not likely that I am going to haul
my fat ass ( yes dear, I said that ...not you ) out early enough to partake of the farm fresh tasty goodness.
Then he on his widdle on self remembered DA RULE:
" I Buy....You Fly ".
Ironically , before we left the Casa , he went through the catalog basket looking for I had no I asked.
My Basket.
My Stuff.
" Whatchu doin Willis ?" of his co-workers wants to dive into the wunnerful world of home canning.
Work Buddy has no idea what he is thinking about.
I speak from experience.
In the late '70's when I lived on the Left Coast, we did actually do this. The former in laws had a 6 acre spread and turned 2 acre's into a huge veggie plot. In a lot of ways it was great, with 4 houses to support it was a very smart thing to do. The father in law had done this before and was not a rookie, the pay off was fresh veggies , but the work was also huge. I'd seen my maternal grandmother do this for ages so I basically knew the bones of it all and was more than willing to assist the project.
The Ex and I knew when we were in college that there would always be veggies and our portion of a side of beef bundled , yes..we were spoiled. Then when we moved closer to home, it was actually a lifesaver when the roads got so bad in winter that you could not get out.
Nowadays, it is a lovely idea to can and buy in a more direct way but one has the space ( no cellars here in South Tejas y'all) or real need to set aside provisions for Doomsday do they ?
I wish SU's co-worker the best of luck....I wonder how long it will last...
Have a great rest of the week and weekend.
Aunty Pol

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