Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New Food Network Star - WTF ??

Seriously Bob....!
I mean really !
I know that this is only the first of the new series , but.....WTF ?
The first two that stick out from the premier episode are Debbie Lee and Katie Cavuto..and not in a good way .
The first challenge is to have the two teams cook and serve the Muckity Mucks at a 16'th anniversary par tay , with a budget of $1,200 USD and an expected guest list of about 75 people.
Not overly hard the first time out of the gate.
Let's look at Debbie Lee :
She says that she has been a caterer for 5 years , raised in the South ( Yeah ) and currently lives in West Hollywood , California. She immediately anoints herself leader of her team but again, in all fairness no one was waving their arms ala " Mr Kotter...Mr. Kotter...ooooh ooohhhh."
No one .
She and her team mate Betty Bedstye ( this will make sense later , I promise ) go with all of the others to Whole Foods. She had no clue where some of her team's critical ingredients were lovcated...Um....hollo......Dijon Mustard..try condiments you twat ! I know that there are Whole Foods in every major market but you can't expect me to believe that they change the footprint of their various locations that much.
She trots back, all Hoi Poloi about how they were under budget when in fact it was taped and shown that they had gone over and had to put stuff back.
I understand that this is a competition, but they had to work as a team and she let hers down. She paid no attention to what the others had planned to cook or what they needed as long as her hockey puck crab cakes were done.
Zip .
Nada .
Sucks to be all y'all here time.
Dumbshit failed to register that they were going to be judged on the merit's of their individual dishes along with the team aspect.
She also had not found the ingredients for a dessert presentation and had the innovative idea to pick up some in house bakery Angel Food Cakes.
Now, I love Angel Food cake, ask the SU. So did my father , but I know it for what it is and it sure as hell wouldn't be plated at my house if a fancy dessert was called for.
It presented and looked like something any one of my cats would have yakked up.
If something looks that bad...leave it BOH.
To top all of this off , Miss Debbie tried to worm her way out of the lie caught on tape about being under cost.
She should have been shit canned right there.
By comparison, the other one that stood out...Katie ( Dietitian) Cavuto was harmless enough if you can over look the presentation and personality of Spam.
Her salad ( s) looked like shit.
She as smart enough to borrow the Dijon Mustard she needed from the other team had kudo's to them for helping her out.
But cooking...nope .
Whipping together a salad dressing ain't cooking.
Not in this contest....settle down y'all.
Furthermore , I am not sure that I would want to have a new show hosted by someone that has all the personality of the cafeteria lunch lady....sorry MIL..it is what it is.
It will be interesting.
Aunty Pol

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