Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Twice Now !

You have been warned.
I love the fact that some of the people I work with and one in particular see nothing wrong with walking through the lobby area and saying nothing in reply after being greeted with a pleasant " Good Morning ."
Not once but twice.
Full eye contact.
Genuine Smile.
If I can make the effort on a day when we continue to actually set records with 100 + actual temps and now 30 days with out lovely for you to look me in the eye and not once but twice not even have the simple courtesy to reply.
Very professional , I might add.
It just makes me want to try harder to be the polar opposite of that , pissed and yet engaging...patent pending y'all.
Have a great day and try to be nice to someone else, it costs you nothing after all.
Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

LOL! We have the same problem around the 'tute... except a high geek factor is somewhat to blame. A number of the scientists (and some of the engineers) wander the halls absorbed in their own thoughts. Another percentage is socially challenged. Fortunately only a few seem to be arrogantly rude.

The 'tute wound up sponsoring a lecture series on "Civility in the Workplace," jointly with Johns Hopkins, to clue staff in to normal courteous behavior.

Ever watch "Big Bang Theory?" Our physicists are older, and their characters less exaggerated, but there's enough parallel for me to LMAO every week!


Aunty Pol said...

LMAO Lisa,

Sorry for the lateness of brain has melted. My husband is a fan of Big Bang Theory and I have become one of a sort. Unfortunately, I think it comes on at the same time as The Closer...thank heaven for fancast/hulu .

Hugs and Headbutts from Houston