Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bee-Otch Has Got To GO ~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Debbie.....You Friggan Twunt !!!!
You did ZERO !!!!
" I Was Selfless ?"
You didn't do Jack Shit to help anyone else.
The only thing you looked at was your trays and the daikon you chopped up . You wouldn 't look at anyone else, offer to help or plate and then had to BRASS to actually look put upon when Bob called your shit on it ??????????????
Michael came back and got food out.
Bobby came back and basically told you guys to get it out there.
Do you even know what an expediter is ????
This is the same shit that you pulled in the very first episode .....when you lied AND got caught and once again Bob called your shit on it.
It's killing you isn 't it...Jeffrey's got the better personality and Melissa actually has the skills and camera presence to boot.
We get you're Korean by the way....enough already.
You need to go...NOW.
A Disgusted Aunty Pol

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