Friday, July 10, 2009

Check These Blogs Out

I read a lot of blogs for a variety of reasons.

Some are the " dreaded cat blogs" , which stands to reason since we are the parents of six cats. These blogs are entertaining, whimsical and surprising in the willingness to take up a call to raise funds for charity. One to check out is :

The woman behind it fosters kittens pre adoption in the Seattle area and it that wasn't enough, also does some DIY crafting and the most wonderful pictures of her " clients" . I am in love with Orson...check out his picture in the right side of the blog.

The other one in this fashion is :

These lovely people work at STSCI and promote the adoption of abandoned animals . Follow the adventures of Miss Mama Peggy Sue and her kits....It's " Big Bang Theory " with tiny feets .

Others are ones that are devoted to the food service industry and I follow those because long ago and far away , I worked in it , ultimately managing a restaurant in Washington state.

Then there are the food blogs.....anyone who knows SU and I doesn't even begin to ask why.

I reply with a comment on some, and have developed a dialogue with those authors. Other times I have sent a reply when an author is upset because they have just had their first drive by from a troll.

I don't believe in anonymous posters, they are chicken shits of the first water and I personally would never do that. I don't care if people post shit in reply to me...I ignore it much as I ignore some blogs completely.

It's a matter of manners and good taste.

Check out a new blog , google a new might just be surprised , really.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Thanks Auntie! BBT is, of course, one of my fav shows... for obvious reasons! ;-)

We have been fortunate not to have a drive by (yet) on our blog. Personally, I don't use anon, either.

I don't mind seeing anon postings on blogs when the comments are benign, but if you've got a point to make, especially a criticism, I agree completely - take ownership. 'Tis a pet peeve of mine when folks don't.