Monday, July 27, 2009

Dibs and Dabs


Just when I think Russell T. Davies cannot possibly surprise me more.

Spoiler Alert : You have been warned.

I understand why they had to blow up the HUB . I really do. With Owen and Tosh gone , it makes sense. It's one thing to have all the toys you will ever need , and so forth with Torchwood having been around since Christ was indeed a corporeal...but there is an implied comfort zone laziness that comes into effect when all you have to do is tell Ianto to fetch whatever doodad you need to save the day.

It was eerie to see the behavior of all the children .Worse yet to see the affect their tuning out had on their parents/caregivers . Like most people, I'd probably think that the first time it happened the lil sh*t ( oops darlings ) are acting up and just not wanting to go to school ..whatever. Scarier still to see that it is not isolated to just my child or that one occasion. Add to that the brevity of the message...three words....only three....yeah , it would have creeped me out.

Balance that against the adorable normal-ness of Gwen and Rhys ( yeah ..kept his pants on for one whole scene ) and then the delicacy and sweetness of Jack and makes the later bit all the more hard to bear .

Ianto has a sister and Jack has a daughter Alice ?????

Jack has a grandson ?????


The whole five days were an awful examination of what people will do in the most extreme and how the loss of both hope and humanity can do the most damage of all.

I can't bear to think about it again , usually I an the one that goes.." Aw hell... I can watch that recording again....LOL.

Not this time.

Nor will it be the " OMG ..that was sooo good , I must have my very own widdle copy."


Cannot do was that sad and good.

I was off campus for a couple of days with back problems but am back now so I will get caught up...


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Glad you're back... and the back is better!

Know exactly what you mean. Wouldn't have missed it for the world but don't want to go there again. Although I probably will, at some point, it requires just a bit too much introspection right now.


PS- Good to know someone else had a Houdini in their home, too! :-)