Friday, July 31, 2009

I Am Loathing Princess Jasmine Right Now

It's one of those times when I am right smack between a rock and a hard place.

Through a series of emergencies , the nature of which I neither know or care about , I have a situation where I have two sets of clients waiting for the same attorney..

This happens a lot ..

My problem is twofold.

1. One set of clients ( party of 3) has been very antsy . Then , there is fact that one of them has that now obnoxious ring tone " A Whole New World"...and she is a very popular lady.


She's just taken the fifth call in an hour, she's a pacer , wearing truly hideous perfume and by wearing , I do mean I think she's chugged this crap and it's coming out of her pores.

2. The other set of clients ( party of 2) has just come back , The attorney had to interrupt their meeting , leave the office on an emergency and so party of 2, being sensible, toddled off to a late lunch . After the party of 2 returned, the party of 3 flat out told them that they would have to wait as they , ( party of 3) were here first.



The attorney came back and grabbed party of 2 , saying " Lets finish this up."

As I silently gave the party of 3 the good ol Bronx cheer !!!!

Oh and did I forget that party of 3 has their lap top with them ?

With a movie that has some Tarzan-esque sound track to it , set at a level that is louder than I consider professional ?

And there ain't a kid needing to be entertained in sight ?

Dude...that's just tragic.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Resist commenting, resist commenting, resist comment...

Oh hell...


(Bet you could taste that perfume for hours after she'd gone, too.)

Aunty Pol said...

" Resistance is futile "