Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Friday Y'all

Well..all in all not a bad week.
Xeni Gabini's blood panel was fine.
100 % Fine.
I can only assume that she decided in her infinite wisdom to have a $221.00 snit fit.
Her exam results were fine, so we have no idea why she'd lost a bit of weight , tho 10.5 lbs for a 9 year old cat is not bad per say.
She is still getting the wet food and oodles of attention from her Momma so she's a happy gurl. The added benefit to all the rest of the tribe is that they also get some of the wet food as I am not insane enough to try to break up that drive by.
I was smart enough not to research diabetes on the net so I didn't scare myself to death or get completely mental over the issue..ok....yeah....I got mental...just ask herself on the west coast...
It is what it is.
I found a new addition to a website that I am fond of .
I have found a few recipes that I am dying to try once hisself has the choppers back from the lab.
Don't me.
Mom's hot dish recipe is now in cyberspace, yes....I submitted it to pw/tk.....LOL...Mom would think it's a hoot.
We may get some much needed rain..please send it our way if you have any to spare. They are referring to this as the Fifty Year Drought .
It's pretty bad.
Other than that...I'm ready for the weekend.
Have a good one.
Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

Again, yay and triple yay for Xena! It's a definite ding in the ol' pocket, but I think I'd rather have a $221 snit fit than the real thing! ;-)

Wishing you rain... it's unusually dry over here on the right coast, too, dang it. Thank God for my neighbor, who watered the porch flowers while I was away without me having to ask!!

And I missed the first episode of Leverage, being away. :-( Whew, do I have a lot of catching up to do!!!