Friday, July 31, 2009

LOL..It Figures

I have ninety eleventy bazillion pictures on the pc at the office.

Shhhhhh !

I won't tell if you don't.

Pinky swear .


I was going to start this post , as I try to do with a graphic so I hit the home browse thingy.

And I get the recipes we have stored here.

HAHAHAHAH maybe I'm the only one that thinks that is funny since the origins for this post dealt with the finally thank God CT that we re finally getting this game going again and I am writing the interior character for Agnes Brown...

Let the game begin.

You have to understand that I am an old DND Game Master...

Yeah .

I'm am that old.

Going back to when it started.

So with my chums and mates we are about to start yet another format and another game...

Oh ....and CT...can we get some dialogue on the actual values for the attributes ?

I will overload your PM honey.

You know I will.


Aunty Pol

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