Friday, March 12, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday !

God I love it when Bruce does the " Chuck Finley" routine...LMAO.
Happy Friday kids.
It appears that it will be a fairly nice weekend here in the Big H. I'm hoping so because we really need to get into the yard thing...( Yes dear , I said we..if you help out in the am, you can go to the icehouse in the'm not giving you beer funds...I'm fair , not stupid...just sayin).
I sense that the retail gardening centers are really going to jack up the prices of stuff because they know that we've had a really sorry ass winter down here , snow even , ( Inserting Snagglepuss voice here )and most of us have lost 90 % of our gardens. And then as custom, even though Easter is somewhat later this know the jack the prices of Hydrangeas up .
Oh yes they do too !
I need to get out there before we order the mulch...what can I say ? He asked me what I wanted for my birthday a few years ago and I said...." Mulch..delivered ".
Anyhoo......Lady L....FOOD WARNING......Danger... Jill Robinson....Danger.....
I'm sorry honey...I had to do that , I really did.
Anyone that knows me in RL or who reads this knows that I love cooking.
I especially love to bake.
Even before I discovered Ree, I followed a number of food/baking blogs because they were entertaining, informative and just flat out charming. I've collected various recipes from them and had a lot of luck with the majority I've selected. Some sites like the food network's and Ree's tasty kitchen have a recipe box feature that you can store selections in after you register with their sites. Trust me....if it's a free site..I'm apt to join. Other recipes , I've printed out and have in a folder that has taken on a life of it's own. Slowly, ...very slowly we are loading them on to the PC...(I know honey , I know...this is where you have yours and yes it was a good idea...)
Anyhoo.....I've linked to new sites from the list of blogs that I follow and have discovered that there really is a whole segment of the cooking world that devotes itself to cupcakes.
Now...Aunty Pol has always been a cupcake kinda gal.
Cupcakes are the perfect single serving size when you are jonsing for a whole lot of hoot and a little bit of nanny cakeage for the pie hole.
I'd read a few years ago that there were some bakeries that were strictly limited to cupcakes and so on...I thought..." How cute...nice gimmick...".
Man...was I wrong.
There's a ton of sites and retailers that have all sorts of goodies....
I've always wanted to learn to do the pretty decorations and so on so I ordered a set and so forth. SU took a Wilton class years ago but I doubt that he knows where any of his gear is...
And while I am thinking about avoid a potential fight ...let me say right here....right now..
Honey...I know you took the Wilton class with your Momma. I'm just wanting to play with this stuff. I want to try it on my own with out you trying to help ( TAKE OVER) if I need some help or ask you to show me how to do something...fine....I will ask.....
Until then..
Let me play.
He means well, he really does...
Xena pounded down a whole can of kitten pate by herself for dinner last night and it stayed down. I'll worry about tonight....tonight.
Have a great weekend.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

'sOK, Aunty... I'm strong! :-) Plus I like the links. So glad Xena is chowing down a bit better!

Snagged a rerun of MNIB this weekend! ;-)