Friday, March 26, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday !

Am I ever glad it's Friday.
See the above expression ?
I know it well.
All too well.
" Yup...take your sorry ass small angry person attitude that you've had all week at work and shove it."
Yes, co-workers...this one's for you .
ALL y'all.
Yes, I know that Spring Break is over.
So is Rodeo.
But , Easter is in a week so hang in there.
Yes the weather has been super nice and this qualifies as our spring.
I understand spring fever, I really do.
What ?
You think I'd rather be in the concrete box we lovingly call 2 Allen rather than outside playing in the dirt ?
Have we met ?
At least I am not walking around with the snotty, snarky, mean ass GRRR's carping and sniping at anyone who crosses my path or line of vision.
Get over it and yourself.
As I simply give you a gentle smile in what you hope is either empathy or understanding...
Understand this :
Mentally I am sitting with a beverage in one hand and a smoke in the other , gazing at you and thinking ...
Awwww....SAD PANDA !
I have had a pretty decent week as they go and am looking forward to my weekend.
And...this is not for any of the folks that follow this blog because they are not only too cool for school, they are too cool to act like shit to those around them....they really are.
Have a great weekend...I sure am.
Aunty Pol

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