Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Feature For Wednesdays ~ " Ask Dr. Baltar."

Dear Dr. Baltar,

Is it every socially or professionally acceptable to reassign friends in the catagory of best friend and is it necessary to explain the title shift to them ?

Thank you ,

Why Are All My Friends Toasters In Disguise ?

Dear Toasty,

It would all depend in your level of intimacy with them and wether , more importantly they possess any thing that places you at risk of a one way walk in the air lock.

It is human nature to sort and label things.

Socks , dvds, friendships, spices name it...we shall sort it. Part of this is an issue of insecurity. In extreme cases , it virtually guarentee a sure fire diagnosis of OCD. Others occasions , it is merely a matter of being neat, precise and carefully tending to the things that we accumulate in our lives .

It gets a bit dicey when it comes to people.

We tend to make exceptions as needed and modify our relations with those individuals as a result. This is not done , generally speaking to be hurtful, it is really a simple way that we as humans recognize the variables that make us who we are as individuals.

Case in point.

Up until recently , if you asked me who my best friend was, it would not be who you thought it was.

For no other reason than time itself, I would have answered C.

I have known her for 43 years.

She was the bridesmaid at my first wedding, holder of hand and the reason I moved down here.

It never occured to me until very recently how far we had drifted apart.

We disagree on almost everything , but it has always been from a place of love and friendship.

She and her husband moved back to the east coast a few years ago and while I don't hear from her ..really once in a blue moon , this never bothered me ...or so I thought until a recent e mail.

I know that you can't read tone into words ...and yet ...

" I don't do Facebook , but if you look up ( insert name here ) of my oldest son ( well NO SHIT SHERLOCK>>I was there when he was born) can see pictures of our grandson.


Using the eldest spawns name,,,there are 119 of them.

Helpful....very helpful.

Then it occurred to friend because why ?

43 Years ?

Um..Oh hell no.

MY best friend is the sister of my heart.

Mother of my Godson.

She knows without asking what is going on..good and bad.

She has ALWAYS been there for me,,,holding me up...kicking my ass as needed with no boundaries.

If we go more than a week without contact..there is a pre-discussed reason such as vacation..or we are tearing up the phone lines.

She has never judged me and never will.

She makes me a better woman , better friend and better human.

I know who my best friend is...she's the one that actively participates in our lives.

The other one is just my oldest friend.

Does this bother me...not in the least.

Sometimes , it is important to really know and accept the difference between the two.

Every one should be as lucky as I am to have a Sister of the Heart.

Love Ya Babe.


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

"She makes me a better woman , better friend and better human," says it all. (I teared right up while smiling from ear to ear! *sniff*) That is truly a best friend. Give that sister of the heart of yours a big hug! :-)