Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Fever

The larger blue flowers in the top picture are Canterbury Bells and they would do nicely in a hanging pot. I am not quite sure what the smaller blue and yellow flowers are . This is pretty , but also strikes me as meh.

The blue petunias above are nice , and they would do well with they grey and red of the non brick part of the house , not to mention nicely with the hydrangea.....but even in a hanging container.....they just don't sing out ..plant me , plant me now. Perhaps in a pot all alone they would stand out more .

I want these to put in the hanging basket in the front entry...I love the colors together and I love verbena and petunia's. I specifically want petunia's because I love the way they cascade over the sides of planters. The verbena is named Vegas Violet and the petunia is named Forest Fire.
I really need some dirt time.
And no, I don't mean big dirt nap...LMAO.
Feel free to comment on the above pictures .
They are all from the current selection found at : in the hanging basket section.
Aunty Pol
Sigh .

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

I think your little guys are violas... like pansies, only smaller... but bigger than the hardier johnny jump up.

I need dirt time, too, curse the rain!