Thursday, March 04, 2010

I Am Sooo Ready For Spring !!!

I am soo taken with this's composition, it's's f'd -uppidness in a way ...I just like it.
I am soooo ready for Spring I can't stand it .
Our weather is getting a bit warmer which is good. It means that the outskieboutskie twins will be happier to be out and about surveying their domain.
Their Momma will also be happy because Miss Gracie Marie almost got her SORRY ASS killed by her Momma last night.
I am still pissed at her trying to beat up on Xena...not once...not twice....but three times.
I popped her on the ass...yelled at her and then threw her SORRY ASS out the door.
She is 4 times the size of Xena.
She is the one we call Hoover because we have to stand over Xena's plate....literally or Gracie will move in on it.
It's still a challenge to get Xena to eat but she will eat for me.
I do not need her all stressed out again.
Yes....I still love Gracie Marie...but dammit cat....!
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Snorgle Xena for me hon! I've been keepin' you all in my thoughts and prayers.... Hugs!