Monday, March 22, 2010

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~! usual the weather is it's usual freaky springy self.
You think ( hope , pray, chant) that the weather will be nice on the weekend because you've gotten all of the nursery catalogs in .
The pages are either cat eared or so slobbered over as you drool that you know the skew numbers by heart.
The little guy on QVC pimpin for either Cottage Gardens or Roberta's suddenly seems worth watching and low and behold.
You're ready to dig in zee dirt.
Screw the nails...where are the yard shorts ?
As you wake up before 10 am , also known as either " O Dark Thirty " or " WHAT THE HELL ?"
am I doing up ????
Cloudy skies are okay. preferred actually.....and then the rain starts.
Buckets of it.
Barrels of it.
The streets are now filling up as is my patio with the solid color of all the pollen.
The SU wasn't home because he had promised to repair a bathroom door at the IceHouse that had been busted the night before.
I didn't ask for details.
So I did laundry and played on Facebook and watched Poltergeist the Legacy on Fancast .
Exotic Saturdays R US.
Plan 2.
Sunday .
No rain.
Pollen everywhere...gummy crappy icky nasty ew.
It had dropped down in the temps overnight.
Yet again at 4: 15 a.m., the tribe decided I need to get my ass up !
Four out of five kittys were manic, bouncing on the water bed in their rendition of " Help , Help , Timmy fell down the well."
The door to the garage from the kitchen had blown wide open.
After a head count is taken, I'm back to bed...
Just wind.
More wind
And wait for it.....wait......wait....wait......
More wind.
Off hisself goes to the Ice House because crafty lad that he is.. he is not above taking the frosty beverage in payment.
Bartering for beer honey ????
Good boy.
I putter with the paper and laundry and just drag my ass back and forth to Mt. Maytag.
More Wind.
Enough wind to make the power blink just enough that the DVR's have to re-set...a couple of times.
Then a bit I reset the clocks.
I figure that at this point I might as well get really motivated to get what I need to do done...before we lose power.
The NG's are coming over to dinner.....nothing fancy , just pork chops and rice and Parker house rolls....and y'all know your Aunty Pol.....
There will be a cake in the oven.
Nothing fancy..just a chocolate chip pound cake.
Slap that bad boy in the oven....chores done.......I can have a beverage since it's 3: 30 and the girls will be over at 6 .
And we lose power.
For 15 minutes.
And I have a cake in the oven.
So I figure out what needs to be done for the cake.
I can't tell you the last time I haven't have a cake completely release from the pan.
One third of the cake could have taken 4 minutes more or so.
Screw cream hides a lot .
And so it did.
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Heh! I can relate! On vacation this week and it was supposed to rain Mon (buckets and buckets) and Tues (well, not so bad so far... just sprinkles) and be sunny and clear thereafter. Now we've got rain forecast into Thurs. Where are the warm, clear days of the weekend????? I want to play in the dirt!!! I have an herb bed badly in need of repair after the snows!! I have a porch that needs to be painted! *sigh*