Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Wish It Were This Easy ~LOL

Sigh .
In the never ending battle to see what the child will eat, the above made me laugh my ass off.
It's a variation of what goes on at the Casa, especially with Gracie Marie. I swear that girl is the cat version of Goldilocks. Not happy with her own plate...the minute you dish up for the others she bounds over to check out their dinner..." Cause it might be different/better" than hers.
They of the faction who will actually deign to eat canned food have their own set places where they will eat...forget changing the place cards for any given meal.....they will stare you down until you realize the magnitude of your mistake and place their plates in the proper location.
I am not kidding here.
I was home ill yesterday ...nothing major but it gave me the chance to get Xena to eat more. She will eat for her mommy as long as I am next to her standing guard....see above with Gracie.
Two days ago it was pate way to's meaty bits....beef..not chicken.
Worse than a junkie needing a fix is my panic if we don't have the food of the day. I might as well just give SU my debit card....don't get your hopes up honey....just sayin.
The hard part is that for the MOST part the food is actually staying down..which lets me get my hopes all up...then the battle of the cans begins again.
Yes , we've been back and forth to the vet...but as we all know ...once a new eating pattern takes's hell to get it to stop .
She drinks her " sparkly clean", the plumbing so to speak works..she's alert , with her sibs....she's just the Kate Moss of Catdom.
It's sad when you are relieved that the yak you hear in the tiny bit of time that you have left before you have to haul your fat ass out of bed is merely a hairball on the bathroom counter and not breakfast....true story...this morning....sorry if that grossed ya out...
Anyhoo....her father and I soldier on...she's our baby and we love her so it's how we roll.
She is in if we could just get the large part of that saying activated, I would be one happy mommy.
Have a safe St. Patricks Day.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, honey, Xena has so been in our prayers. I was feelin' guilty as I rolled in the aisles over first the pic, then the description of dinner time at the Casa. Don't feel like the lone stranger... Percy was the Gracie Marie of the bunch last fall and the same thing happened here over bowl placement.

Strange how a change in the cast of characters changes things. Now everybody is just nibbling at the wet with no real enthusiasm, when it used to be the comestible of choice. Go figure!