Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Adieu Caprica

Oh Caprica, my Caprica....

I missed the first two out of the five episodes, traffic and work being what they are , but never fear...watching on line I will.

For the first part of this piece, please refer to my blog post of October 29 ( 26?) 2010, titled " FRAK FRAK FRAK FRAK FRAK FRAK FRAK FRAK ".

Part 2.

Dear SciFi,

Alrighty then , you dumb bastards. I will be more than a bit interested to see your numbers for the viewership last night, not to mention revenue sales from your site on the dvds...regardless of their leech filled inflated prices.

Again, to revisit a point....You have cancelled one of the better written shows in recent memory .


FRAK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is rare for viewers to become emotionally connected to a story line so quickly even though the original " Tron " is a notable exception..." Legacy" is another issue . It was a leap of faith for my generation..remember with income to spend and little gray cells that actually fire off now and then accept a re-make of " Battle Star Galactica." Hands were wrung, teeth were gnashed ,,,and yet we gave it a chance because more than a few of us had faith that the network smart enough to have Harlan Ellison on at one point..aka YOU would also be smart in their approach. We even forgave , then accepted the gender change for Starbuck. We embraced Kara Thrace. We wanted Adama to recognize and act upon his feelings for Rosslyn. We tolerated Baltar as a necessary evil and eventually forgave and empathised with Saul. This was due to the quality of the actors involved , but even more than was due to the superior quality of writing that Mr.Moore and Mr. Eich produced week after week. We..okay...I cheered when they made it to Earth, wrapped my brain around the idea that Kara Thrace just MIGHT be an angel and cried when Adama described the house he envisioned for his now dead beloved, Laura Rosslyn.


I even forgave you for that piece of crap " The Plan" or as I called it " The Plotz".

Then came " Caprica".

It was a slow start to be sure, but sure enough, we were engaged. The story line was clever and even brilliantly answered some of the questions a viewer might have had over the years. The casting was brilliant, especially Meg Tilly as the Reverend Mother.

And once again you made us care about two families, the Greystones and the Adama's .

The name Adama to my generation is mythic, it's like Cartwright or Walton or Engles. You care about them, they are the better version of our own families and it shows. Many of us had fathers like Bill Adama, hard ass to the core , but with a loyalty that you never doubt and the biggest heart out there. It was natural to wonder about him as a child and youth , given that the last few episodes of Battle Star had some clever " memory " scenes of a young Adama with Saul Tigh .


The final episode last night was very good though it felt a bit rushed at the final was a nice bridge..but still...


I can't wait to see what you do to " Being Human."

For a network that fails to grasp that a remake of an ORIGINAL BBC production currently airing is NOT an ORIGINAL NEW PROGRAMING OR AN ORIGINAL NEW SHOW !

Given the low quality of a majority of your programing, ( Sanctuary, Eureka and Warehouse 13 are notable exceptions) I will buy and watch Caprica rather than the ECW shite on your schedule.

I am your worst nightmare.

I am an ardent, articulate, educated fan of science fiction and fantasy with money to spend.

Guess what magazine I won't be renewing ?

That's right...yours.


Aunty Pol

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