Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Afghan Star

I watched this on HBO tonight and I was profoundly blown away.
I would like to think that this has made me re-think the way I see and interact with some of the clients that I deal with every day, I certainly will not see them in the same light.
Yes, we have people that are pushy and rude, condescending to females and just plain irritants.
I get that.
I try and if I am honest, I fail more often than I would care to admit...but I try to chalk that up to human nature on both parts and not as a cultural issue.
Having had friends and family who serve or who have served in the middle east, my understanding was self admittedly limited, more a case of the history channel than actual experience.
I do not hold this documentary out to be the same as an actual life experience , it simply cannot be that .
But the bravery of Setara is profound.
Watch this on your local cable provider or dish or on the net or however you watch television.
You will be amazed , and hopefully like myself you will have learned something.
Aunty Pol

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