Saturday, January 08, 2011


I'm having a serious "WTF" moment about the whole thing in Arizona.
I was raised with an awareness of firearms and what they can do. My father kept his military issue gun in the house. Gun in location A..bullets in location B. We as kids knew this. We as kids knew this was serious business and had a very healthy respect/fear of this. My father explained in real world terms of what guns did in a permanent way. My father took the time to take me to a gun range and show me what to do in a safe way. When I moved out into my first apartment, my father gave me a legally purchased and registered 22 Beretta. This was for my personal safety and I am grateful beyond words that I never , ever had to use it.
In my first marriage, I married into a family of hunters and gun owners . Guns were to be used in two situations..personal protection and to hunt for food. I went deer hunting for food. Not sport, not fun, not out of boredom or to indulge some personal Killing was done in the most humane way and I do not and will not apologize for this..ever.
Many of our friends have personal firearms. That is their choice.

Over 20 years ago my husband asked me to get rid of my gun. I didn't argue because as he explained it, he had seen enough of what guns did when he served in the Navy and was in Viet Nam. Because I understood/understand this position and I love him, I didn't hesitate to get rid of my gun. I did it legally without regret.
While we do not have a gun in the house , I fully support those who choose to do so so I am a bit WTF over today in Tuscon.
Why ?
What was the shooters point ?
You killed an innocent child among others .
Why ?
This is NOT a gun control issue...this is tragic.
A part of me has sat here for over an hour , this..don't post..offend or not.
This is not a gun control issue, this is a human tragedy..and before you ask..
Yes...I have been shot at and lived..and I still support the right to own a gun.
AP...decloaking as Jane

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