Friday, January 28, 2011

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Happy Friday y'all.
It's the weekend where the first Shareholders meeting of the year is scheduled so of course more than half of the folks around here are wound tighter than a tick....and personally speaking, it's way too much fun to watch.
OMG people..take a friggan Xanex or a shot of Cuervo and chill out.
I was pleasantly surprised by the SciFi ( NO , I will not use your new sucks immensely) channels new show " Face Off". It is hosted by McKenzie Westmore which give it instant credibility. Google her last name if you aren't familiar with it and you will see who her family is and their creation of the art of movie makeup. It's a history of Hollywood all on it's own. If you watch any of the other reality shows in this format ( guilty as charged..Runway, Top Chef, Next Food Network Star) you already know the cast of characters...the young one, the shy one , the arrogant one, your average joe or jill...and the sleepers who do not seem to belong then just pass unicorns out of their colons in the 11'th hour.What can I monsters...count me in...All hail Ray Harryhausen.
And ....the Gravedigger got it big time on "Bones". I have never seen an execution like that before...~SPOILER ALERT ~..She wasn't just shot in the head, they freaking blew her head up...amazing ! Watch it on cable if you can...
I am a very happy girl...mwahahahahahahahahah.
The weather has been freaky down here but no where as bad as for others ( you ok Miss Lisa ..Sistah ?) where it is rainy one minute and cold and then 70 degrees , sheesh. And me being me and a firm believer in retain therapy ( for the win) and since Dillards is having a sale , I was a bad girl. I bought some things that I needed ( yes dear, I do not have many long sleeved sweaters , like we have a lot of days where I would need them ) and it was all 30 % or more off...A Kaspar jacket originally $99.00 marked down to $18.99 amongst other yummies. What can I say ? My birthday is in April and I like to get ahead of the crowds...LMAO.
I'm thinking Swiss Steak for Sunday to Kroger..wheeee.
Have a great Weekend.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Yes, sweetie, we muddled through. Me shoveling snow, sick as a dog (neighbor's snowblower threw a pin). But all was warm inside.

Today, ice. I'll take the white stuff any day. At least I don't live in Chicago!