Friday, January 21, 2011

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Happy Friday everyone...I know , I know....'bout damn time...I hear ya.
As I said, it's been a weird week and one of the weirder parts is something that is bothering me...
EXACTLY how much coverage has been devoted to the passing of Sargent Shriver ?
How much have you seen ?
DAMN little.
In a society that values the fact that Kim Richards has been booted into rehab after the season finale of " RHBH" more than the passing of a great man or the 30'th anniversary of the release of the Iranian's just kinda fucked up , that's all .
Sargent Shriver was more than Maria's daddy or Arnold's father in law...look up the history of the Peace Corps or Special Olympics. He had the wit and grace to separate himself and his family from the vainglorious dangers of Camelot and all things Kennedy . I am not naive enough to think that he did not use his political, financial or family connections to facilitate the foundations of the Peace Corps or the Special Olympics , he used his resources at hand to help create something for the good of all . He also worked tirelessly with Lyndon Johnson in the area of civil rights. I have always admired people such as Mr. Shriver and I always will.
Additionally, today is the 30'th anniversary of the release of the Iranian hostages.
Remember them ?
Other than the USS Pueblo, no other hostage crisis comes to mind for the early 1970's. It wasn't a common occurrence, it just didn't happen and it didn't happen to Americans. We lost our isolation with those two events and became a larger part of the global drama . We lost our virginity so to speak...and I will be curious to see how much actual coverage will air tonight and this weekend . Part of this hits home because Pete Bucher was my Godfather and growing up in the military, the idea of our fellow citizens being held was unthinkable . Tomorrow is the 43'rd anniversary of the illegal seizure of the USS Pueblo
by the North Koreans.
Lastly, it is with sadness I have realized that it has been 30 years since my mother
It seems so long ago ...and yet..not.
It's been a thoughtful week for your Aunty Pol.
Never fear..more recipes to come...LOL.
Have a good weekend..stay warm and safe.
Aunty Pol

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