Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Most Amazing Hot Chocolate In The Known Universe.

In my continuing quest to indulge myself and my friends and share the good stuff Maynard..go to :
This is usually available at the annual " Nutcracker Market" which frankly is a zoo and them some...how Nee Nee and Mama Chrissy survive it every November is beyond me.
But..remember how I posted that I was in the process of putting together ideas for Christmas gifty baskets and so on...well Miss Jere Lee does the most amazing baskets as far as putting them together and wrapping with cellophane...you can't tell that it is not commercially done , and yes she is that picky. I wonder if I made our Vietnamese coffee on the weekends for the rest of the year if she would be willing to help Aunty Pol out..i would of course buy all the stuff...
Hmmm..obsessive...no...not me ...LMAO.
Stay warm.
Aunty Pol

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