Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weirdness And Other Stuff

Ever have one of those weeks where you really haven't got anything to say ?
Been one of those.
Let me start out by saying that we are all fine at the Casa..never fear. While it is true that my step mother is beginning 21 weeks of Chemotherapy, I haven't had any sort of an up date from her and it's her Breast Cancer story so I will respect that. I will give updates of course when appropriate but's her story..not mine and I choose to support and respect her privacy. I know that you all can dig that..nuff said on that one.
It's just been a weird week, and other than the full moon ( oh lookey...a CLUE ! ) , I have no idea what is going on with the office.
Yes, we have been through the annual review and as far as I can tell other than the usual LIARS ( oh I got all excellents/perfects on ) there was no blood spilled or mayhem.
People, for the last time, it's like your report card. Unless you are being suspended from school and your ass is in the Principals office...move on. Reviews are a useless waste of managerial time to justify their exalted positions.
The Peter Principal so to speak.
If you are too young to understand that is your friend..use it.
It's just that the mood is weird.
The weather is weird.
January is a drag.
Mardi Gras is a while yet.
Ditto Rodeo.
All Y'all are either boring the crap out of me or trying to work my last nerve...and you haven't a chance in hell of winning..
I have other issues.
Nothing bad , just homeowner shit that will cost a check with a comma and I am bummed out.
Tomorrow is Friday so all is well.
Carry on .
Aunty Pol

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