Thursday, January 13, 2011

What Fun !

Happy Happy Joy Joy !
Eric the intrepid A/C dude was here at 8 am as promised...yeah.
It seems that SU and I have to completely replace the AC/Heater system.
The heat part of it went out a couple of years ago but since we live in Houston , that is not really an issue except for Rodeo/Mardi Gras time when it gets cold, rainy and nasty. Therefore we use space heaters and crank up the waterbed.
Except..for right now.
Like everyone else..or sort of...we've had a hard freeze for the last 2 nights but no snow.
You see the A/C also went out.
Now imagine you live in Singapore, in the 1930's.
We cannot replace the unit until July, which thankfully really isn't all that bad...our worse season is from about the end of August until mid October ...or as we call it..." Kiss your ass goodbye, the bad part of hurricane season is here and how warm is the Gulf right now." The short form being " Oh shit , it's hot."
I suspected, and therefore am deluding myself that I am okay with this. I am home today and tomorrow prep'g the Casa for the annual dinner party so I am working on the other words I haven't had the melt down where I realize we are looking at between 9K and 10 K .
Have a great to throw another log in the makes me
Aunty Pol

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