Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It is officially friggan cold down here.
We are supposed to have a hard freeze tonight and I woke up cold, even with the water bed turned up a notch and a four pak-o-kittehs on the water bed.
DAYUM...I hate this.
I hate pantyhose...refuse to wear them...have one pack of the Hanes catalog 3 pair per pak sale ass cheapies in an emergency stash that is just this side of use the sharp thing to break glass in case of emergencies deal.
Now that ought to be a triple score in the run on sentence category !
And I have problematic feet..lets just say that closed toe shoes are an issue..I hear ya double oh ..I may get to the footie surgery sooner than not..so of course I have square toed low heel ( yes Sistah..I do have some of those..only 2 inch heels) boots on and owie..owie..owie...
My brain is so froze that I forgot my cigs and the bong lighter on the bathroom counter....
That bears repeating.
I forgot my cigs and the bong lighter on the bathroom counter this morning.
I commonly call a bic or any other throw down lighter a bong lighter so don't go all bat shit crazy on me.
I may or may not cover some of the potted plants...Jere Lee has plastic all over the gazebo to protect hers...I am not so nice...suck it up or die Pilgrim is my motto....they can always be replaced...cept for the Christmas Cactus which will go in the garage..no..it's still rooting...
I understand Snowbirds now.
I wish I was one of them.
Have a safe week.
Aunty Pol

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