Tuesday, January 04, 2011

You Had To Be There .

Well for the most part New Years weekend was nice and quiet. Hisself went traipsing over the the Cajuns for a small par-tay..I as is my custom , stayed at the Casa..I really HATE going out on New Years Eve, and Hisself knows that if he is going to be out and about on this night ( and St Pat's for that matter) he'd better have a place to rack out....he is not on the road..not for any reason. He knows the wisdom of this and happily complied. I watched the Divine one on HBO and tho I tried to turn in before pumpkin time..the little rat bas....oops...neighbor youth had fun and frivolity ALL DAMN NIGHT LONG...needless to say all of dah kittehs were with Mommy in the water bed.
There wasn't a lot to watch on the t slant v as my father used to call it the next day until I ran across an all day marathon on CMT of ...wait...wait..."Dallas".
I nearly died laughing at one episode that I don't recall every seeing all of . It seems that as usual JR and Ray Krebs are catting around Waco and leave a couple of bimbo's in a motel..tho looking at these women..um...bimbo is a kindness, think lot lizard...go look it up....I'll wait.
Off they go back to Braddock ( which is where they actually reside it seems but is not as catchy as DALLAS - woo hoo) and the 2 obviously cuckolded husbands arrive to fetch their wimmens who have been wronged....wronged I say , by 2 city slickers..one of whom ( JR ) is stupid enough to have overlooked a Ewing Oil Bidness card on the astroturf...oops..I meant to say carpet. Fan girl note...Brian Dennehy was one of the good old boys....wheeeee.
Anyhoo...amidst a case of hauling ass/hot pursuit to SouthFork....Lawdy Jeebus....there's a HURRICANE headed their way.
This dearhearts is where I friggan lost it I was laughing soooo hard...dare I say it...I almost pee'd.
Having lived down here for almost 30 years and having been through a good deal of my beloved homes vast real estate...including Dallas....and more to the point having been through more than one ACTUAL MOTHER LOVING FORCE OF NATURE HURRICANE...that you non native types may call IKE..really....it's fine with me....I F'g lost it.
Wind.....dust...dirt...no debris in what passes for the downtown headquarters of Ewing Oil....they must have a better grade of tempered commercial glass than we do here ...send a memo to Chase Morgan over at 600 Travis...thankyouverymuch...shit blowing so hard I expect to see Toto any minute......
And yet at the time this aired , starting in 1978 ( I didn't live here YET)m ...It would be 3 more years before I got here..but even I knew better.
What was also interesting because you all know me..research monkey girl of the universe...Linda Gray ( Sue Ellen ) was up until this episode in particular , not considered a full cast member..her role consisted of mainly being shitty to Pam and cooing " Yes, My Darling " in an snark fest to JR...this episode which was actually a showcase for Sue Ellen role kept her on in an ever expanding fashion .
What can I say...I'm easily entertained.
SYFI channel is running the last 5 original eps of " Caprica" tonight begining at 5 pm central so I'll be dvr'ng....for my reaction to the cancellation ..see the post dated Friday October 29, 2010 titled " FRAK FRAK FRAK FRAK FRAK FRAK FRAK FRAK " ..I am still pissed off.
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

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