Friday, March 25, 2011

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Happy Friday kids.
It's been a weird week..not bad weird..just WTF a lot .
The Shell Open begins Monday , as does SU's vacation...a coinky dinky ? I think not. He has needed to take some time off for the longest time and since this is a local tourney, it is known as a religious high holy week in our house. Luckily I know a Grand High Poobah ( sans the hat ) so I scored some tickets for the man...Me such a good wifey .....snerk. We are so desperate for rain that I suspect that there are some counting on the tradition ...that it does in fact rain during the tourney...they are already mentioning drought here in Tejas on a regular basis on the news...sigh.
Mrs. Crazy Cajun has finally embraced Aunt Pol's motto : " Jeebus H ..get out of the house and go play need money ?" Every Monday night SU goes over to make the family fortune at the Cajuns house playing cards. At some point , the Cajun's wife made that comment to SU along the lines of " Can't you get him out to play gold and get him the hell out of the house ?"
Welcome to my world honey.
We ( SU and I ) realized a long time ago..or to be honest I TOLD him when we first co-mingled personal laundry that I can't live in someones pocket..I need me time...alone time..girl not working my last nerve time...and he gets that . He is the same way. Tonight as is his custom, he will go to the local beverage emporium ( ice house to the fellow Texans) and imbibe some oat soda ( name that movie..quick)...and I will do my thing at home.Hey..I'm being nice and I dont force him to watch " Say Yes To The Dress"..I have however corrupted him enough that he will watch " What Not To Wear." We could care less about basketball..You say basketball to me and one of three things will happen : I will either start to sing Cheech and Chongs " Basketball Jones..yeppers..that's stuck in your head now isn't it ? You're welcome. failing that , I will recall when I did watch basketball...involving either Phi Slamma Jamma or the Houston Comets.
And he was in a tiny fender bender with our girl.
He is fine.
The car has a couple of boo boos.
This is not acceptable to me..or him for that matter since we only have a smidge over 18 thousand miles on the girl. He was cut off by a man who thought he could make a left turn from the not the left turn lane lane. I do feel some sympathy for the man..he and his wife were down here at Anderson ( MD Anderson..and we all know that means cancer treatment) and the man was distracted because his supposed half hour appointment lasted damn near all day. Sir, you are retired military and should know that this is not a base and you are not being seen by some corpsman. Judging form the state of your car, this is not your first time at the rodeo either .If you are that distracted, pull over and figure out where the F you are going other than to meet my girl. Her Momma's not happy. His car paint is on the rim and there is a small dimple just in front of the front tire on my side..but..the gentleman has insurance ( USAA) and it will be fixed. I suggested that SU also make sure that he alignment is checked on ..just in case.
And everyone is grumpy at the office..grow a set and or get over it gang...seriously.
Have a good weekend.
Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

I'm sorry Lola has a booboo, hon. Hope USAA kisses it quick and makes it better.

And sweetie, if you throw out a challenge question, it is probably best not to give away the answer in the next post! ;-)

Aunty Pol said...

LMAO..that was a complete oopsie..I didn't realize it until much later..teh Dude abides