Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Farewell To The Last Icon Of Her Age

I read this morning with great sadness , but little surprise that Miss Elizabeth Taylor passed away from congestive heart failure.
If the phrase " One of a kind" ever applied to any person, it was surely her. I think the thing that I admired the most about her was the fact that through all of the larger than life drama that she both endured and created...she always remained true to herself. She made mistakes as we all do and she both admitted them and laughed at them. Even when we thought her friendships and alliances had crossed over into the land of being too bizarre for words..she remained one of the things I value most.
She was loyal and constant to those she cared for.
Long before it became politically correct to do so, she championed AIDS awareness and was tireless in her crusade to change our ideas about what had been ignorantly called " Gay Cancer."
Yes, she lived larger than life..but then..why not ? Rather than flit from one.."liaison" to another..she married the men she fell in love with ..and while they uniformly ended in divorce , she made a legal and public commitment to those gentlemen .
Think about that for a minute in an age of throwaway marriages and quickie divorces.
She married and for the most part ended marriages with regret..not the sort of rancor we cannot escape in today's media.
She was both a lady and a great broad..and the ability to be both is a rare and unique gift.
I suspect Mr. Burton's long wait is over.
Your fans will miss you dear lady.
Aunty Pol

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