Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Guess Who

Isn't he cute !

I am a super happy girl because we got the A/C-Heat replaced at he house today. I have been dying to post about this whole expensive, depressing adventure but me being me, I was afraid that I would somehow jinx the whole thing.

The heat part of it went out a few years ago and we didn't really mind because we live in Texas....yeah...tho I have to admit this year when the temps got way the f bothered us. GOOD space heaters and my wonderful fireplace were fine for the most part.



It was very humid this past weekend to the point of " Oh please let it rain"..but nope. Jere Lee and Cindy and I went out to an early supper since SU was playing golf with the Moron and when I left out was already 80 degrees in the living room.

Besides my perpetual state of hot flash..this is not good for the kittehs, especially Miss Xena..she of the delicate I am now a broke but happy girl.

SU stayed home on Presidents day and got all of the bids and dealt with all of that ( way the hell above my pay grade) and was there at home today as it all went in.

Thank you honey for taking care of this whole ordeal,,,I appreciate it , I really do.


A very happy Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Mmmmmm... your super cute General Contractor named Honey, perhaps??

Glad to hear it's in way ahead of the dog days of summer! And that you avoided the jinx thing!!