Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Dear Russell T. Davis ~ Now I'm pissed Off !

Dear Mr. Davis,

Somehow I missed the announcement that my beloved " Torchwood" would be moving to STARZ...which by the way I do not get nut have available via my local cable provider.

I forgave Owens demise, likewise with Tosh.

I have accepted Ianto's needless death and do not dwell on my beloved Captain Jack Harkness's heinous act .

I even forgave John Barrowmans idiotic stint on " Desperate Housewives."

Frankly, if Kyle Maclaughlin ( Muad'dib) couldn't lure me in to watch that tripe, Capt. Jack had no chance either.


Now you are going to move " Torchwood " to Starz...why ?

Are you insane ?

What happened ?

BBCA not meet your price?

Dude, they are airing "X Files"...and they are re-runs even.

F You Mr. just broke Aunty Pols and Miss Lisa's heart !

Now I have to approach SU about adding Starz...



Aunty Pol

1 comment:

HubbleSpacePaws said...

What??? WHAT????????????
My budget and I, Mr. Davis, are deeply disappointed. Deeply. Disappointed.

I, too, will likely succumb. Unless my nephew wants to invite me over every week during the season.