Thursday, March 03, 2011


This may come as close to a perfect description of what some of my obsessions are as anything else.
Y'all know I love cooking, right now I am obsessed with a recipe for baked chocolate covered kettle corn with almonds...I really am. I am obsessed with cooking and baking. The FoodNetwork channel and Bravo's Top Chefs are our default go to settings. I want to have Alton Browns children. Food has crept into this blog in a way that I had not diet ? I want to make that spicy pork loin this weekend ( pork loin is $3.49 per lb at Kroger honey..and I want that spicy rice too dagnabbit)..My eyes glaze over at the KA ( King Arthur) catalog every time it comes out, their site is with most of the sites I visit, I am registered there and I archive recipes in their recipe boxes if that option is provided. I have made my own cookbook of sorts using a LARGE 3 ring binder..and believe that for me , my holy trinity is red wine, bacon and chocolate.
Just Sayin.
And then there is my all consuming love for Dune and Mr. Frank Herbert. I have the books, movies, and pc games. I have played with a group in a MPPBP ( Multi Player Play By Post) game on line for over 10 years with the same people. Moritani could be considered my legal last name in some circles and that's Duchess Moritani to you peasents ( I kid , I kid) . People know that Shai Halud or referencing Shaitan means something other than having to put me on a watch list. I support Brian Herbert and Kevin Andersons prequels to the death even amongst my peers, save the brains in the bucket /Cognitors and I mean really, that was a bit much even for Moi. I consider my friends my Seitch and I will give water for my tribe.....oops...too much ? ...okay..
And Red Wine.
Nectar of the Gods.
Other than the fact that I don 't care for a sweet wine ( long ago and far away...I fought the Duck ..and the Duck won...not to mention...Lambrusco, Reunite, Boones Farm and Mateus...hey I was young and poor...don't judge)..I line dry red wine. SU and I will often buy a bottle because the label is unusual or amusing...and did you know that Newman's Own has Wine ?...And it's not bad..
Anyhoo....this picture is a trifecta of sorts..things I love, amusing and something that I can now appreciate having had the first decent nights sleep ( God Bless A/C) in more than a month.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Not to get pissy on you, hon, but if a menopausal woman is going to bear Alton's children, it's gonna be me! You've got SU so don't go getting greedy!

All honor and glory to the trinity... and, yeah, that wine needs to be dry! Speaking of which, I do believe it's time for some... bye!