Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Regularly Scheduled Blogging Will Be Interrupted By This Special Announcement

I am over the moon here people.
Seriously Alice, to the moon .
I got an e mail for the Sistah of my heart this morning.
My Godson and his wife are going to have a baby.
Ok..for most of y'all this is not any big whoop so y'all can skip this if you want to worries.
Sistah is just sistah . She and Double Oh are the family I choose to be with..we are our own family and their son Pyro is the closest thing that I have to a living child . He is my godson and I love him more than my shoes...those who know me can stop laughing now...I CAN hear you.'s like I'm sort of a step grandma....!
Yeah Them.
Yeah Me.
And all y'all KNOW there is going to be some shopping !
Have the best possible weekend..we all deserve it .
I just want to hug the world.
Aunty Pol

1 comment:

kleinwort said...

Squeeeeee! Triple super win!

Gonna be a grandma-by-love, found the earrings AND the pashima! OK, granted, the granny thing counts a just a little bit more, but it's still a triple score!

Congratulations, honey!! We're huggin' the world with you!