Monday, March 07, 2011

Happy Monday - Sorta

Happy Monday !
Dear daughter..yes wubby diddums...stop this crap about doing the ADK ( attention deficit kitten ) voice in your Mama's ear at oh dark thirty aka 5 a.m.......QUIT IT.
Daddy fed you brekky so knock it off.
The weather was very weird this weekend, hot one day and cold the next.....or as I choose to call it.." Lets give the new A/C~heater a test run. Trust me, the gal pals on Facebook thought this was hilarious. The baby got washed and a couple of the sets of drapes ditto but the roses didn't get pulled and the shower still needs to be done. SU has golf next weekend so we shall see.
I hope that the Crazy Cajuns did okay this past weekend in NOLA...from the stuff that I saw on the Weather channel , it was dicier than usual..even for Mardi ya gonna get your drunk on in a tornado ?
Other than that..very dullish at the Casa...which reminds me...
SU..where the hell was my cupcake for todays lunch ?
If I am nice enough to send some to your office, by GAWD there had better be one in the Hello Kitty ( YES...I carry a Hello Kitty lunch bag thingy) lunch bag....GRRRR. I bet you tucked one in your lunch , didn't you !?
Mama's NOT a happy camper.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Ummmm... timely. I'm signed on now because SOMEONE thought it would be tres apropos to yowl at the top of her lungs, just moments after I fell asleep tonight, and keep yowling until I got up to see what was the matter. Was anything wrong? Nooooooo. Could I resume said sleep... nooooooo, of course not!

*sigh* OK, on the positive side, I missed my reading yesterday and would have today, too, if it wasn't for this.

Sorry about the cupcake.