Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Monday

I hope everyone had a good for me..I semi lost my mind.
SU had to work and then was out and about so what the hell..lets clean carpets..sigh. And work in the garden....and then continue on yesterday...eeep.
And of course while he was out the Dyson started to act up...normal for the Casa. He gets home and takes it apart and sees what I mean by a loss of suction through the hose..ironic come to think of it given the companies advertising campain...anyhoo...we realize that we basically wore the damn thing out. Six cats will tend to do that, but we kept the Phantom and I doubt that we would spend the money on a Dyson again. Ideally, I would like a Rainbow, but Jeebus H..$$$$$$$ . I hear that the Bissell Dirt Devils are pretty good and I have been very happy with the Bissell line as far as the carpet cleaners go so we will see. Any one who has any experience with a Dirt Devil..please share,
The remainder of the Salvia and Petunias are in and it seems that 2 of the roses that we were considering pulling are in fact climbers ( I know dear, I know) and so a trellis-n we shall go .
And someone remind my that Bougainvillea's have large thorns...and are BITCH to dig up/out.
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Yeah, but the bougainvillea are so darn pretty... and for those of us who are too far north to grow them... well, not a ton of sympathy here, hon! There's a price to be paid for beauty! ;-)

No Dirt Devil experience. I'm moderately unhappy with the last two (moderately priced) vacuums purchased on Consumer Report's recommendations, so I'm no help at all, actually. I want my grandmother's Electrolux back!!

Was actually looking at vacs recently and the only one both CR and users seemed to rate highly is expensive: the Miele S 7210 Twist, at $400+. *sigh* Maybe I should just look for a small shop vac - now they've got suction! LOL!